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The Library building is three floors with a total area of 1530 m2, including:

Ground Floor:
·    Bag keeping section.
·    Student computer section.
·    Reading area.
·    Teacher computer room.
·    Audio-visual (Multimedia) room.
·    Reference section.
·    Documentation reservation section.
·    Director of Library and staff offices.

First Floor:
·    Circulation desk.
·    Reading area.
·    Asia Foundation Collection.
·    Stack area. Books for reading and borrowing.

Second Floor:
·    Stack area. Text books for borrowing.


The Library is equipped with computers to use free of charge, there are also areas for private study and reading.

·    100 computers for students use.
·    Photocopier.
·    400 seats for individual study.
·    02 computer areas: one for teachers and the main area for students. The computers are connected to the Internet and are installed with specialised software.
·    01 audio-visual (multimedia) room: equipped with air conditioning, LCD, lap top, DVD player for teaching sessions when technology is needed.
·    10 laptops with wireless system for student groups.
·    03 printers.
·    01 scanner.

Capital Equipment

Printed Material:
Books: 96,998 volumes with a total of about 23,760 titles.
Newspapers/Magazines: 272
Daily Newspapers/week: 84
Newspapers, magazines by organisations and individuals (sponsored occasional): 116

+ JDP Journals: 62
+ Journal of Agriculture: 36
+ Other Journals (in English): 55
+ Workshop Proceedings: 21

PhD thesis: 7 documents; 2 electronic documents

Graduate theses: 50 documents; 13 electronic documents

Topics of scientific research: 83 documents, 86 electronic documents

Course comment: 456 documents; 282 electronic documents

Resources in the Library are catalogued by the International Standard AACR2, MARC 21 Format and classified according to the Dewey decimal classification system (DDC).

Electronic collection:


: Includes internal resources such as student curriculum, course textbooks, course arguments, thesis, dissertation, the subject of scientific research of teachers and students of An Giang University, other items of scientific information; documents of seminars and training at the school.

Greenstone digital library software

: Collection of 3 topics with significant importance to the province. Topics include:

·    Collection of poems written by Ly Tran.

·    Personal Collection Cue Long Delta fish.

·    An Giang historical remains.

Simulation software

: The simulation and collection of scientific experiments and natural phenomena.

Key strategies for curriculum collection

: teachers’ curriculum An Giang University.


: Student information page An Giang University.

Subscribed electronic databases

: ProQuest, AGORA, OARE

Visual materials

: video tapes, DVD’s, CD’s.


The number of staff in the Library is 32. They are qualified and professional in experience and are available to assist readers and users to find the information they require.